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Passion couldn't run without its dedicated volunteers. Find out more below about our fantastic team who work hard to keep Passion running. If you are interested in joining, or just want to find out more about it, click the button below.


Victoria Gould

Youth Worker

I have been involved with Passion for around 7 years. Firstly as a volunteer and now as the paid Youth Worker. It is a job that brings me absolute joy every day. To see the young people grow and develop into adults that have a greater respect for the community around them is a real privalige. Not forgetting the lovely set of volunteers I have that enable me to continue and grow the project. The support I get from those around me is God sent.


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 Secretary and volunteer

Alistair Langton

Treasurer and Trustee



Site maintenance


Katy Brookes-Duncan

Volunteer Youth Worker


Sue Burt

Volunteer Youth Worker

Claire deerin.jpg

Claire Deerin

Volunteer Youth Worker / Co-ordinator of Chat and Chomp


Ashleigh Connor

Volunteer Youth Worker


Rohanne Hurst

Volunteer Youth Worker and Trustee


Frances Kent

Volunteer Youth Worker

I’m Frances, and I have been a volunteer at Passion for the last two and half years. I enjoy helping  and supporting young people and love having chats over a cup of coffee and a biscuit. 

Being a volunteer has also helped me to gain my dream job in children and young

people’s mental  health services. I have also gained some new friends within the volunteer team.


Jane Lennie

Volunteer Youth Worker


Victoria Linthwaite

Volunteer Youth Worker

I work in an office every day and come to Passion to stop sitting at home alone, after moving to a new town, eating biscuits, although I think I eat more biscuits at Passion. I have fun, make friends and feel wonderful. People in my work life have noticed a positive change in me and I have a real passion for Passion.


Gary Taylor

Volunteer Youth Worker


Phillipa Taylor

Volunteer Youth Worker


Simon Waldron

Volunteer Youth Worker